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Private Washitsu

Yama Onsen Villa

Stay with us

Washitsu offers an ultimate luxurious Japanese stay experience for relaxing, just for a few hours or an overnight stay.

Escape the daily chaos, take a break and relax for a while when you book our beautiful and authentic Japanese Washitsu accommodation in up to 6 hours at the Yoko…

When you book an overnight stay at Yoko Onsen you will be relaxed and feel refreshed, youthful with the private space of Washitsu. Welcome the dawn while you immerse yourself…

Conveniences & Services

Free Wifi

Heating & cooling aircon


Satellite TV

Smart key

Along with tea & coffee facility

Indoor Onsen (tub)

Outdoor Onsen (tub)


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In-room service

Washitu (Private Onsen) serves a luxurious experience afternoon tea (Kyusu) and standard Japanese meals.

Ryu-an Restaurant

The gastronomic journey of sophistication, awakening every sense, is ready to welcome guests in the luxurious ambiance of Ruyan restaurant. The premium menu, featuring top-notch imported ingredients, offers an exceptional…

Mineral Bath Services

Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh has 2 mineral bath areas: Public Onsen with Onsen bathing & Japanese cuisine for daytime guests and Private Onsen with Washitsu rooms for overnight stays. The…