Onsen Baths

25 unique onsen baths and 18 unique pot baths for male and female, offering relaxing and therapeutic experiences both indoors and outdoors.

Garden Bath

Sometimes it is advisable to escape the daily noise and enter the hot springs quietly. Yoko Onsen's garden-bath is a Japanese style Onsen that grants…


Pot Bath

A pot-bath where you can enjoy the onsen alone is also available in the public zone. The pot-bath experience while looking at the natural scenery…


Rock Baths

The rock-bath design is inspired by the wilderness of nature, bring you close to tranquility and freshness. The Quang Hanh's hotspring source helps to relax,…



The hot water jets promote blood circulation, relax tense muscles, and help massage the whole body. You will feel your muscles refreshing after a tiring…


Cave Bath

The design for this Onsen has been inspired by a cave, and owns a very mysterious look and feel. Taking onsen in a cave is…



The air bubbles generated in the jacuzzi have a vibration called the flutter effect that acts like a massage. It is said that the water…


Carbonated Bath

A hot spring with a high concentration of dissolved carbonic acid, is a medically recognized bathing method. By taking a long carbonated-bath, you can improve…


Water Bath

Enjoy a refreshing feeling in the 14 ͦ C cold soak or 18 ͦ C after hot steaming. This method is also often combined with…


Foot Bath

A foot bath is a healthy method that warms your body by immersing in water just above ankles. It help to improve blood circulation throughout…



A variety of saunas help to relax muscles, improve circulation and stimulate the release of endorphins

Rock Sauna

The rock-sauna is a warm bathing method that warms up natural ore by applying heat and delivers a thermal effect by lying on top of…


Stadium Sauna

Stadium sauna provides a pleasant sweating effect in a staidum style seating design, regardless of the season which enhances the suppleness of your skin.


Cold Sauna

This room gently cools the hot body. When used in conjunction with the warming effect of the rock bath, it gives a good stimulus to…



An authentic Finnish sauna method, where water is splashed onto hot stones to create steam, which increases the body's temperature and promotes healthy sweating.


Spa Service

Nurture yourself with 25 treatment rooms specially designed to offer traditional Japanese treatments like Shiatsu massage, Sei-Tai Massage and signature facials. Guests can also enjoy foot massages, oil massages and Thai massage along with other services in the expansive public area of the spa

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is an oriental therapy massages and has been popular in Japan since ancient times. Shiatsu refers to finger pressure, and is a massage using…


Foot Massage

Helps to reduce fatigue by focussing on a specific part on the sole of the foot is pressed strongly and the corresponding body part relaxes…


"Onsen" - What is it?

In Japanese, 温 泉- ‘Onsen’ means small, warm and fresh streams, purified by nature through geological strata and heated as flowing through volcanic lava areas. Thanks to that, mineral hotspring water also carries abundant pure, precious minerals, and extremely useful in health nourishing and beauty rejuvenation.