Mineral Bath Service

Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh has 2 mineral bath zones: Public Onsen and Private Onsen. The water source is directly taken from the Quang Hanh hot spring source, affecting 5 senses: Eyesight, Tactile, Smell, Touch, Taste; help visitors balance body, relax spirit and restore health.  

Hot mineral bath service

As the wonderful gift of nature, Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh’s hot spring source is rich of many minerals, high salt composition and bromine (over 40mg / l), mild alkaline (pH 7.14). The natural spring with abundant pure and rare mineral contents offers various benefits to health, beauty and soul. The Public Onsen has 25 onsen baths & 18 pot baths for both males and females, bringing relaxation and retreat experience indoor and outdoor.

How to enjoy the onsen experience

Before entering the onsen bath, please take a shower and wash your hair.

Please use the rest room prior to entering the onsen bath

Remember to drink water to avoid dehydrating

The onsen water can be scalding, so please enter the bath cautiously

The recommended time is 5-10 minutes/time and have a short break between.

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