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Mineral Bath Services

Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh has 2 mineral bath areas: Public Onsen with Onsen bathing & Japanese cuisine for daytime guests and Private Onsen with Washitsu rooms for overnight stays.

The water source in the entire 2 Public and Private Onsen areas is obtained directly from the hot springs of Quang Hanh mineral water and many minerals, affecting the 5 senses: Eyesight, Tactile, Smell, Sense, Taste help visitors balance the body, relax the mind and restore health.

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Hot mineral bath service

As the wonderful gift of nature with mineral-rich hot springs, high salinity and bromine (over 40mg/l), light alkaline (pH 7.14). Water sources contain pure, rare minerals, and provide various benefits for health and beauty. The Public Onsen has 25 onsen & 18 pot baths for both males and females, offering a relaxing and therapeutic experience both inside and outdoors.



A healthy body, a peaceful and joyful soul, a wise mind with positive thoughts…this is the dream of every human being on the journey to unlock the power of the Body – Mind – Soul.

Heal Body: Through physical treatment. The precious minerals from hot minerals at Yoko Onsen help to relax the nerves, stimulate blood circulation, reduce muscle tension, help treat osteoarthritis, digestive, cardiovascular diseases.

Balance of Mind: By relaxing the mind. Relax the body so that the hot mineral streams strike back, massage the body in the reservoirs or release all fatigue, stress in the saunas. Looking the toxins, remnants of dirt followed by the widened pores spilling out naturally. The mind is open to every knot, loosening, helping you fall into a state of peace, calm, self-reliance.

Awakened Soul: Strong body, peaceful mind and moments of relaxation, peace will be the prerequisite for the mind to be restored, intelligent, open, allowing you to reflect on things calmly and thoroughly as well as the source for ideas, bold decisions, determination and creativity.

Do not hesitate to throw off your clothes and immerse yourself in a unique process, a complete experience to balance the Body – Mind – Soul, regenerate the energy for a happy life, right at Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh.


The Japanese call it “the water of the gods.” In Vietnam, there is a “water of the gods” mine Quang Hanh waiting for you to rebirth your body and mind. Quang Hanh Mineral Hot Springs are analyzed and appreciated by Japanese and world geologists for their mineral content. The source of minerals here is rich in healthy minerals with ion content of Na+ and Cl- accounting for more than 20g/l; Metasilic acid and Boric acid, and especially the proportion of Brom large to 40mg/l, accounts for up to 49% of the total mineral content, is one of the three mineral water mines with the highest Brom content in the world. This hot mineral flow has an effect on blood circulation, anti-inflammation, relieving pain, relaxing, helping the body to detoxify, reduce stress.

According to the Mineral Reserve Assessment Council, Vietnam Geological Reserve and Mineral (now the General Department of Geology and Minerals), the Ministry of Resources and Environment: Quang Hanh Mineral Water belongs to the type of mineral water with a temperature of 40-42 degrees C, mineralization: 19.164-23.140mg/l, bromine content 40,42-45,31 mg/l.

Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh takes advantage of this source of gold mineral and uses advanced filtration technology to remove all impurities that are not beneficial to the body. With this purification technology, the precious minerals of the hot springs of Quang Hanh are not only kept intact but also raised to a new level with a variety of types of mineral baths, providing high effectiveness for human health.



Hot mineral bath – Onsen is one of the long-standing secrets for Japan to be among the countries with the lowest rate of illness and the highest life expectancy in the world. Thousands of years ago, the Greeks and Romans also used heat – the invaluable gift of nature to relax and combine therapies for mental and physical health problems. These methods are still used by modern humans to this day and have become popular therapies around the world.

Take a hot mineral bath in Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh, meaning you are combining 3 methods:

  • Anabolic therapy: Foot soaking bath, body soaking, rain spray bath, pressure water soaking shower, steam bath… facilitates joint movements, helps stretch muscles, helps restore muscle, joints and nerves.
  • Thermal therapy: Take advantage of the natural hot temperature of the mineral stream to heat a part or the whole body, help dilate the capillaries, enhance blood circulation, help the body metabolize better and faster. Refer to this, the metabolism of nutrients, the regeneration of tissue organizations of cells will also be promoted faster. Thermal therapy is effective in supporting remedial arthritis, osteodegradation and helping older people or lying, sitting long, muscle deficiency boost recovery.
  • Mineral therapy: Modern Japanese drink bottled mineral water and baths, soak mineral water to supplement minerals and enhance health. When immersed in a hot mineral tank, the minerals contained in the water source penetrate through the skin, adding electrolytes or trace elements to the body, helping to treat and enhance health. That’s the difference you will feel between soaking a hot bath at home and soaking yourself in a hot tank in Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh.

How to enjoy the onsen experience

Before entering the onsen bath, please take a shower and wash your hair.

Please wear swimming suit in the Public onsen bath

Remember to drink water to avoid dehydrating

The onsen water can be scalding, so please enter the bath cautiously

The recommended time is 10 minutes/time and have a short break between.

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