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1. Before entering the onsen bath, please take a shower and wash your hair. The shower room has stools to sit, and shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner have been provided.

2. Please use the rest room prior to entering the onsen bath, and ensure that children also use the rest room before entering the onsen, so that your experience is not interrupted.

3. The onsen water can be scalding, so please enter the bath cautiously. The first thing to remember before entering the bath is to use the warm water in the separate tank to rinse the chest and abdomen. This has an important medical implication.

4. Soak and relax in the hot spring waters to enjoy their healing properties.

5. If you want to use the sauna after onsen, please wipe down your body before entering. You can try the different hot and cold saunas to get the full experience. Please take hot sauna prior to cold sauna.

Things to remember when soaking in the onsen bath:

- Please do NOT take your towel with you into the water, wrap it on your head or put it on the side of the bath.

- Please do NOT wash your hair or put your hair in the bath.

- Please do NOT let water rise above your shoulder level, as this puts pressure on the lungs and heart. People with cardiovascular disease and people with high blood pressure should be careful while using the onsen.

- The amount of time spent in the bath depends on the temperature of the onsen. If it is at around 43°C-45°C, the recommended time is 5-10 minutes/time. If below 40°C, then 20-30 minutes.

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